SMU Huskies

AUS Awards

Atlantic University Sport (AUS) All-Stars & Awards

2017/18 AUS All-Stars

Julie Naugler - Rugby

Andrew Peverill - Cross Country (Rookie of the Year)

Kaleb Scott - Football

Jadarius Ceasar - Football (Lineman of the Year)

DeAndre Smith - Football

Brad Herbst - Football

Antoine Lyte-Myers - Football

Brian Hope - Football

Johnny King - Football

2016/17 AUS All-Stars and Awards

DeAndre Smith - Football

Marcus MacIsaac - Football

Jadarius Ceasar - Football

DeAndre Smith - Defensive Player of the Year

Julie Naugler - Rugby + Rookie of the Year

Marquis Clayton - Basketball 

Brian Rouse - Basketball

Hunter Garlent - Hockey, Rookie of the Year, All-Rookie Team

Bronson Beaton - Hockey, AUS All-Rookie Team

Angelina Carvery - Basketball

Kennisha-Shanice Luberisse - Basketball

Jasmine Cain - Basketball, All Rookie Team

Scott Munro - Basketball, Coach of the Year

Breanna Lanceleve - Hockey

Caitlyn Manning - Hockey

Rebecca Clark - Hockey

Siohban Birch - Hockey, All-Rooke Team

Hannah Askin - Hockey

Nicole Blanche - Hockey, Top Defensive Player

Beatrice Harrietha - Hockey, Community Service Award

Chris Larade - Hockey, Coach of the Year

Erin Smith - Volleyball

Kristina Alder - Volleyball




Christian Oxner - Soccer

Hannah Wallace - Rugby

Amy Thompson - Rugby

Marcus MacIsaac - Football

Rick LeMoighan - Football

Brian Rouse - Basketball

Erin Smith - Volleyball

Rachelle Coward - Basketball

Keninisha-Shanice Luberisse - Basketball

Stephen MacAulay - Hockey

Breanne Lanceleve - Hockey


Chris Larade- Coach of the Year

Scott Munro - Coach of the Year

Rebecca Clark - Rookie of the Year

Kennisha-Shanice Luberisse - Defensive Player of the Year

Rachelle Coward - Tracey MacLeod Award Nominee

Ben Duffy - Most Sportsmanlike (AUS)

Austyn Hardie - All Rookie Team

Rebecca Clark - All Rookie Team (AUS & CIS)

Kiana Wilkinson - All Rookie Team

Hayley Hallihan - All Rookie Team




Barrie, Osman – Basketball

Champagne, Renee – Rugby

Clayton, Marquis – Basketball

Delmas, Matt – Football

Johnston, Stephen – Hockey

Kuto, John – Cross Country

Langa, Jonathan – Football

Luberisse, Kennisha-Shanice – Basketball

Michaels, Shelby – Volleyball

Peters, Anthony – Hockey

Smith, Erin – Volleyball

Windhorst, Rachel – Volleyball


AUS MajorAwards

Alleyne, Kemar – Basketball (All-Rookie Team)

Duffy, Ben – Hockey (Most Sportsmanlike)

Harreitha, Beatrice – Hockey (All-Rookie Team)

Langa, Jonathan – Football (Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year)

Luberisse, Kennisha-Shanice – Basketball (Rookie of the Year, Outstanding Defensive Player)

Prince, Elly – Volleyball (All-Rookie Team)

Windhorst, Rachel – Volleyball (Most Valuable Player)

2013/14 (Fall Sports)

2013 Fall All-Stars/Awards

Men's Soccer
Pawel Gorski, CIS 2nd Team All-Canadian
Adam Miller

Jean Baker, CIS 1st Team All-Canadian
Jorie Rose

Rob Jubenville - DE
Eric Black - Corner, CIS 2nd Team All-Canadian
Kyle Whalen - Centre
Guillaume Gagnier - Guard
Jonathan Langa - LB

Cross Country
John Kuto

2013/14 (Winter Sports)

AUS All-Stars & Awards


Shelby Michaels 

Anastasia Callaghan, 1st team & Libero of Year

Rachel Windhorst - Rookie of the Year, All-Rookie team

Jane Pegg

Women's Hockey

Rebecca Mosher

Breanna Lanceleve - 1st team & Rookie of Year, All-Rookie team

Women's Basketball

Justine Colley - 1st team, League MVP

Rachelle Coward 

Laura Langille

Men's Hockey

Jamie Doornbosch

Steven Beyers - All Rookie team

Men's Basketball

Theon Reefer 

Boyd Vassell

Harry Ezenibe - Student Athlete Community Service Award



Jean Baker, Rugby

Derek Gaudet, Soccer (League MVP)

Shawn Kodejs, Soccer

Adam Miller, Soccer

Danny Bachar, Soccer

Michelle Yates, Soccer

Jenny Holland, Soccer

Rob Jubenville, Football (Lineman of the Year)

Neil King, Football

Kayin Marchard-Wright, Football

Jonathan Langa, Football

Guillaime Ganier, Football

Matt Albright, Football (Community Service Award)

Melvin Abankwah, Football

Brett Lauther, Football

Ariel Smith, Volleyball (League MVP)

Anastasia Callaghan, Volleyball (Libero of the Year)

Jane Pegg, Volleyball

Josie Leduc, Volleyball (Rookie of the Year)

Olivia Henderson (All Rookie team)

Justine Colley, basketball (League MVP)

Laura Langille, basketball

Angelina Carvery, basketball

Scott Munro, basketball (Coach of Year)

Lucas Bloodoff, hockey (League MVP)

Mike D'Orazio, hockey

Anthony Peters, hockey

Kyle Periera, hockey (Rookie team)

Trevor Stienburg, hockey (Coach of Year)

Harry Ezinebe, basketball (Community Service Award)

Kevin Thomas, basketball (All-Rookie team)

Sienna Cooke, hockey (Rookie of the Year & All-Rookie team)

Brianna Soper (All Rookie Team)



Kelly Burgess, Soccer (League MVP)

Michelle Yates, Soccer

Anne Langley, Soccer

Lindsay Millett, Soccer

Mark Sweetapple, Coach of the Year - Women's Soccer

Jorie Rose, Rugby

Jessica Frenette, Student-Athlete Community Award

Rory Kennedy, Soccer

Adam Downie, Soccer

Adam Miller, Soccer

Craig Leger, Football

Ryan Tremblay, Football

Guillaume Gagnier, Football

Brett Lauther, Football

Jahmeek Taylor, Football

Kayin Marchand-Wright, Football

Neil King, Football

Anthony Peters, Football

Colby Pridham, Hockey

Anthony Peters, Hockey (All-Rookie Team)

Justine Colley, Basketball

Susanne Canvin, Basketball

Tory Fassett, Basketball

Brian Rouse, Basketball

Kerri Smit, Volleyball (League MVP)

Antastasia Callaghan, Volleyball

Ariel Smith, Volleyball

Darren Russell, Coach of the Year - Volleyball

Shelby Michaels, Volleyball (All-Rookie Team)


Atlantic League (Field Hockey)

Brittany Avery, Mandy Avery, Leigh Giffin, Paige Johnson

Brittany Avery - Rookie