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Huskies honor four graduating players in final home game.

Huskies honor four graduating players in final home game.

(HALIFAX, NS) The Saint Mary's women's volleyball team dropped a 3-1 decision to the visiting Acadia Axewomen in their final home game of the season.

For the first time in their 2018/19 season, the Huskies won the first set against Acadia 25-22. The match was close against the Axewomen as the two teams were always a point or two apart. During the first set they were tied 12-12. The Huskies took the lead with a double ace from Emilla Conlon (DARTMOUTH,NS) and a Huskies point. They kept the lead to the end of the set.

Axewomen blocked Huskies from continuing their win and claimed the second set on the Huskie's court 25-21.

Acadia lead a striking run at 9-3 in the second set, but the Huskies had an impressive come back and lead the second set 16-14 at the technical time out. After the time out, the Axewomen responded by gaining four consecutive points against the Huskies. Saint Mary's tried to come back, but Acadia gained the last points in the set with a kill from Bianca Ruiz (OTTAWA, ON).

Acadia continued their win going into the third set. They claimed a 25-20 win against the Huskies.

The third set was a close match up in the beginning, but the Axewomen gained their points after breaking a 10-10 tie and lead 16-12 at the technical time out. Once again SMU attempted to regain some points but Acadia player Lucy Glen-Carter gave her team a double ace to keep their lead and dominate SMU 25-20 to win the third set.

The Axewomen claimed the fourth and final set against SMU 25-22.

The Huskies end their six-win streak with a new standing 11-9.

Four Huskies senior players were honoured at the game. Hannah Stienburg (HALIFAX,NS), Sim Gill (MISSISSAUGA, ON), Emilla Conlon (DARTMOUTH, NS) and Lindsay Donovan (LONDON, ON) played their final home game Saint Mary's University.

By Maya Palacio

Photo Nick Pearce