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Huskies fall to Seahawks in women's soccer action

Huskies fall to Seahawks in women's soccer action

In the 2nd game of the home opening weekend series against the visiting Huskies, ended in a 5-1 win for the Sea-Hawks. The Saint Mary's Huskies put up another good game and showed more of their competitive edge this time around giving themselves more time down in the Sea-Hawks end.

In the 7th minute SMU's #6 Hannah Lawrence put a hard shot on goal but was denied by Sea-Hawks keeper #1 Sydney Walsh. Later in the 14th minute Sea-Hawks Kate Hickey took the ball many yards down the field and passed it off to Holly O'Niell for a shot from the corner that couldn't make it passed SMU keeper Kyannna Gilks. Shortly after in the 15th minute #11 Stacey Hanlon was able to put MUN on the board with a clever unassisted from the short corner of the 6 yard. To press back SMU Julia Dorey made an excellent attempt at a hard, long shot but was shut down after MUN's Sydney Walsh made a highlight worthy jumping punch.

Veteran Sea-Hawks player #10 Holly O'Niell took a hard shot from just inside the 18 yardline that found its way to the back of the net. In the 28th minute of regulation play Huskies # 9 Analise Karakostas, snuck one pass AUS All-Star keeper Sydney Walsh off a free kick just ahead of the 18. After some intense play in front of Saint Mary's net, both teams scrambled until an eventual shot was taken while SMU keeper was down. Thanks to her defensive support SMU was able to sweep the ball away before the game was paused due to keeper injury.

After the half, Sea-Hawks' Holly O'Niell scored her second after she chipped one in off the crossbar. In the 63rd minute of play fourth year #9 Nicole Torraville pushed one pass Huskies keeper Grace Morrison on a free kick to score her first of the match. Torraville than strikes again with less than three minutes of play remaining to make it 5 for the Sea-Hawks.

The Huskies are back in action Saturday, September 14th, when they host the MTA Mounties in their home opener.  The Sea-Hawks play again next weekend, Sept 14th at UNB.


Goal Scorers

  • #11 Stacey Hanlon (15') (MUN)
  • #10 Holly O'Niell (18') (MUN)
  • #9 Analise Karakostas (28') (SMU)
  • #11 Holly O'Niell (53') (MUN)
  • #9 Nicole Torraville (63') (MUN)
  • #9 Nicole Torraville ( 87') (MUN)