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Huskies win 3-2 over UdeM

Huskies win 3-2 over UdeM

MONCTON – The Saint Mary's recorded their first win of the season, in a 3-2 decision over Université de Moncton on Sunday in Atlantic University Sport at Stade Moncton Stadium.

The Huskies picked three points on the weekend after Saturday's tie with StFX.  

The Huskies (1-2-1) took a 3-0 lead in the second half, but the Blue and Gold scored two quick goals near the end of the second half and tried very hard to tie the game, but the Huskies went onto win 3-2.

Subway player of the game was awareded to, Analise Karakostas.  Itai Kuwodza and Julia Dorey were the other goal scorers for the visitors.

Katrine LeBlanc, on a penalty kick and Tatyana Matulu, a few minutes later on a kick near the goal, responded for the local team. Keeper Chelsea Burnham of Moncton had 5 saves during the game compared to 9 for Ashley Blank

The Huskies host the Memorial Seahawks at Huskies Stadium, Saturday, September 22nc.  Game times 1 & 3:15 p.m.


Courtesy of UdeM Communications