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Huskies drop season opener to Axewomen

Huskies drop season opener to Axewomen

WOLFVILLE, N.S. – The Axewomen rugby team opened the AUS regular season a day early with a big win over the visiting Saint Mary's Huskies.

The 109-5 win over the Huskies comes a day earlier than scheduled since the weather this Saturday may be unpredictable due to the remnants of Hurricane Dorian expected to hit the shores of Nova Scotia mid-afternoon.

Acadia scored on their first touch of the ball when Keisha Kane kicked off what would be 15 unanswered tries by the Axewomen.

Kane would score her second at the 25 minute mark. Tori Hogan scored a team-high three tries, while Annie Kennedy converted six tries and add a try of her own. Claire Fioretti converted three tries.

"I think we can learn a lot from this. We know what we can do when we have the ball, but I think we really need to work on our defense and really working into our new structure for the new players coming in," pointed out Subway Player of the Game Kia Sawler who had one try late in the game.

Despite the lopsided score, head coach Matt Durant saw the game as an opportunity to perfect the things that the Axewomen do.

"One of the things we stressed for years is it doesn't matter who we play against and how good they are, we just need to stick with our game plan, do the things as close to perfect as we can and know what we have to do to win. So we did that. There are always things you can pick out that need to be worked on and we'll work on that next week," said Durant.

Saint Mary's finally answered the door with an unconverted try by Julia Naugler.

The Axewomen host UPEI next Saturday at 2:00 pm, while the Huskies take on defending AUS and U SPORTS Champions StFX in Antigonish next Saturday at 2:00 pm.


Scoring Summary
Min      Team    Player                                                                          Score
1          ACA      KEISHA KANE                                                                5-0
5          ACA      TORI HOGAN                                                                 10-0
11        ACA      KAT CURRAIN Converted by ANNIE KENNEDY                  17-0
14        ACA      AMANDA JARDINE                                                        22-0
18        ACA      TORI HOGAN Converted by ANNIE KENNEDY                  29-0
25        ACA      KEISHA KANE                                                                41-0
29        ACA      NICOLE PAHL Converted by ANNIE KENNEDY                  48-0
35        ACA      BAILEY DEMBECKI                                                         53-0
38        ACA      EMMA PFLEIDERIER Converted by ANNIE KENNEDY        60-0
43        ACA      ANNIE KENNEDY Converted ANNIE KENNEDY                  67-0
46        ACA      TORI HOGAN Converted by ANNIE KENNEDY                  74-0
58        ACA      KATIA DONDI Converted by CLAIRE FIORETTI                  81-0
62        ACA      KIA SAWLER Converted by CLAIRE FIORETTI                    88-0
67        ACA      SOPHIE PICKARD Converted by CLAIRE FIORETTI             95-0
70        ACA      NATASHA WOTTON Converted by HALEY MACMILLIAN   102-0
73        SMU     JULIA NAUGHLER                                                          102-5
77        ACA      MONIQUE COFFEY Converted by CLAIRE FIORETTI          109-5


PHoto / recap from Acadia Communications