SMU Huskies

Trevor Stienburg
Trevor Stienburg
Title: Head Coach

Awards & Accomplishments:

1997 MJAHL Coach of the Year
AUS Coach of the Year
 98/99, 99/00, 10/11, 2012/13 
U SPORTS Coach of the Year 
98/99, 99/00, 2012/13
2001 Team Canada Head Coach, World University Games (Silver Medal)
2007 Team Canada Head Coach, World University Games (GOLD MEDAL)
AUS Championships 2002, 2009, 2010
2010 U SPORTS National Championship
2013 U SPORTS Silver Medal
2016 U SPORTS Bronze Medal

This year will also be noteworthy for three (3) memorable accomplishments occurring before the end of October. The long-awaited new arena on campus, The Dauphine Centre, officially opened on September 5, 2019 heralding a new, exciting era for varsity and intramural hockey at Saint Mary’s and for the community at large. Coach Stienburg, the staff and players are grateful to the Dauphine family along with Glenn and Nancy Holmes for the gift of their splendid hockey home.  Additionally, the 2002 AUS Championship team, captained by Jim Midgley, will be inducted into the Saint Mary’s Hall of Fame on Homecoming Weekend, becoming the first hockey team to enter the Hall. In addition, the largest reunion in the history of Huskies Hockey takes center stage for Homecoming 2019 as stars from across seven (7) decades of men’s and women’s teams congregate in Halifax to celebrate success, renew friendships and teammate bonds and welcome the new hockey home to campus.


The 2019-20 season will be Trevor Stienburg’s 23rd year as Head Coach of the Huskies men’s hockey program. Stienburg took over the head coaching duties in 1997 triggering the second great era of Huskies Hockey which continues now as Coach Stienburg is now the longest serving and winningest coach in Saint Mary’s deep and rich hockey history. 


Stienburg infused a new identity into the Huskies. Just after his second season as Huskies head coach the whole country had taken notice of the work “Stieny” had done behind the bench. He was named AUS and U SPORT Coach of the Year for 1997-1998. The very next year he was again named AUS and U SPORT Coach of the Year, at the time becoming the only hockey coach in U SPORT history to win the award two years in a row. “During those first few years it was probably more good luck than good management. I had a lot of good people here and got a lot of good advice. We brought in a lot of good character guys.” says Stienburg. In 2013 Trevor captured his fourth AUS Coach of the Year Award and his third U SPORT Coach of the Year Award. And, in December 2017, Trevor helped coach the U SPORTS All-Star team that defeated Canada’s World Junior team...twice.


 The Huskies have racked up 352 regular season wins since Coach Stienburg has taken over. The most important came in 2010 when Brad Smith, in dramatic overtime fashion, scored to give the SMU Huskies their first and only University Cup national championship. Under his leadership, the Huskies have also collected Silver and Bronze medals at University Cup championships. 

Remarkable success as a coach on the International stage has come in 2001 and 2007. Stienburg was behind the bench for Team Canada at the World University Games, earning a Silver in 2001 in Zakopane Poland and then Gold in 2007 in Torino Italy.

 Now in his 3rd decade as head coach, the Huskies have restored Maroon & White pride in the men’s hockey program. Stienburg teams are mentally tough, resilient and funnel their hard work into positive outcomes on the ice. As hallmark Stienburg style, Trevor refuses to take all the credit for the pride that has developed over time. “It’s not one person. It’s everyone from the players to the coaches to the trainers. No one person can create a tradition. Our tradition was established in the “Boucher” years and we were very fortunate to have a more than a few of those people around to remind us what it took. We then just surrounded ourselves with good people and committed ourselves to our common goal. The common goal has never changed and I believe that defines our tradition.”


Much like when the Stienburg era began, another new era is dawning for varsity hockey at Saint Mary’s. One that will be defined by great teams playing in a great facility.